Ojibwa Snowshoes



High quality traditional Ojibwa snowshoes. The Ojibwa snowshoes feature both, a tail and a pointed nose, and are great for trail excursions as well as walking in deep snow.


Wood Only the finest cuts of ash are used when making our snowshoes. Ash has the best properties for making snowshoes. It bends nicely after being steamed, and has a very high strength to weight ratio.
Webbing We use high strength tubular nylon webbing as a rawhide replacement. It is stronger, lighter, resists abrasion better, and will not stretch when wet.
Assembly The snowshoes are assembled using solid copper rivets and the crossbars are mortised into the frames.
Finish Four coats of clear, high quality marine varnish are applied. The varnish we use provides more than twice the service of conventional spar varnishes. It gives a luxurious look and protects the snowshoes from water and the sun’s harmful UV rays for years to come.


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Snowshoes Only
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